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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paradox Of Life

We said we believe and fear God,
But we live this life like there is no Lord.

We said we hear, we obey,
But when God tell us to obey, we say nay.

We said we don't know if there is tomorrow,
But we always forgot this world is borrowed.

We know all things Islam wanted,
But we take it all for granted.

We know there are many bad deeds in our farm,
But we rationalize our action, "What's wrong? There is no harm!"

We know sooner or later we will die,
But we let ourselves to be in all worldly lies.

Do we really believe in what we hold?
Or we just like to talk bold?

We said we want to go to heaven, for the final place our bodies to lie.
But we love this world, keep doing sins, and don't want to die.

Do we believe and happy to meet Allah?
If yes, prepare ourselves. He is waiting for us happily in Jannah.

One last thing. Don't let ourselves to be in this paradox situation,
Or else, we are getting closer to perdition.

You decide, you act.

By The Poem

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